Trust God

How do you and God know that you’re actively trusting in Him?Believers say “Trust God” when your situation is “above you” and out of your control. In saying it, I’ve never heard anyone explain how to do it though.

Almost a Diary Entry: Am I DOING this right?

Recently, I felt like I needed to take a break from “sharing my walk with God.” As I sat one day and did some introspection, I realized that I’m quick to share a revelation of the scripture, but I don’t as quickly follow up with action. I tend to identify the problem and the solution, […]

Almost a diary entry: My identity Isolated Me

Best all around. It was my senior year of high school, and I thought I deserved that superlative because I knew some of everybody, even the outcasts. But of course, Superlatives is a popularity contest, so you don’t win it for knowing the people who aren’t popular. In the present, I still find myself befriending […]